Montessori Toddler Learning Tower

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Boosts spatial awareness | Fosters independence | Promotes cooperative work | Improves hand-eye coordination | Hones motor skills | Practical life skills | Boosts self-confidence and problem-solving skills

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9,999.00 (Incl. of Taxes)

From the moment the children are mobile, they are eager to experience the world around them with all their five senses (sight, taste, smell, touch, and kinesthetic). Designed on the basic principle of the Montessori pedagogy for developing independence, accessibility, and involvement, the child will be involved in daily tasks like cooking, cleaning, washing hands, or brushing teeth with the help of this Learning Tower.                

Recommended age period
How to introduce it to my child?

How to introduce it to my child?

Learning Tower + High Chair + Step tool + Chair + Easel- All in One!!

Learning Tower: It is a great way to teach your children independence and responsibility, while having fun by spending time together. Best of all, while they are learning; you’ll also be making memories! Watch little ones beam with confidence at their ability to contribute to a family meal.

High Chair: It is perfect for kids to sit on the chair at a convenient height and join the rest of the family at the table during meal times.

Step Tool: It helps children climb up and reach the bathroom sink, kitchen counter, bookshelf, cupboard racks or reach things, without asking for help.

Chair: The Learning Tower is uniquely built for sturdy durability and long-lasting use.

Chalk Board: The front surface of the tower has a chalkable surface allowing your child to stimulate creativity at any time of day.

What will my child learn?

What will my child learn?

Children are naturally eager to learn, and are capable of learning through real life experiences in supportive and thoughtfully prepared environments. Learning Tower gives children a supportive boost to explore their creativity, engage in everyday activities, and gain autonomy in their learning journey.

Practical life skills: The Learning Tower allows toddlers to reach the sink and counters to help wash, mix, stir, and prep meals. Having independent access to the Learning Tower boosts self-confidence and problem-solving skills.

Fosters independence: The Learning Tower is designed to allow the children to climb in and out of the tower by themselves. It has a step that makes the climbing safe.

Exposure to new foods: The more your toddler gets the chance to see, touch, and explore the ingredients you’re using to cook, the better chances are they’ll accept what is on their plate.

Gross motor skills: Getting on and off the Learning Tower improves balance, and supports more coordinated movements.

Fine motor skills: Transferring, cutting and mixing activities while cooking improves the wrist movement and grasping skills.

What is included?

What is included?

The Learning Tower has 3 height adjustable levels to accommodate your child as they grow and can be used from around the age of 1 till 5~6 years.

The toddler tower lets confident little walkers climb to countertop height with safety rails to keep them safe.

It also features convenient handles so toddlers get the support they need as they grow.

After the child has grown the support bar can be removed and the Learning Tower can be transformed into a beautiful chair that can be used by both children and adults.



High Quality Material: The Learning Tower is made of birch plywood – strong and durable, carefully coated with eco-friendly, child-safe, non-toxic paint.

Safety: All edges are rounded; specially designed handles offer greater safety and easier movement.

Assembly: The Learning Tower is shipped flat packed for a hassle-free assembly.

Maintenance: Recommended cleaning with wet wipes.

Supported Weight: 80Kgs





Breadth Height
50 cm 50 cm

90 cm

Care instructions

Care instructions

Wooden toys are beautiful and durable. Toys made of natural materials bring your little one a little closer to the nature by nourishing the child’s senses.

Wood has natural anti-bacterial properties, so keeping them clean is simple and you can even get your kids involved in the process. Here are some tips that can come handy while taking care of the wooden toys –

  1. Wooden toys can be wiped with a dry cloth for daily maintenance and cleaning.
  2. No Soaking. Never submerge wooden toys in the water; to clean or otherwise. The wood can soak up the water which can gradually lead to cracks.
  3. Instead, a slightly damp cloth or sponge can be used to remove dirt or dust and then the toy should be air dried.
  4. While drying the toys, do not leave them in a direct sunlight. Sunlight can cause the colors to fade and long exposure to the sunlight and air might damage the wood.
  5. Every once in a while, you may want to moisturize wooden toys when it starts to look dry or dull. Coconut oil or olive oil can be applied sparingly with a washcloth. Then let it dry.


*** The Learning Tower helps to keep your child safe, but we suggest having adult supervision as an additional safety measure at all times.

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