Montessori Play Kit – Level 5 – 8 Months +

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4,499.00 (Incl. of Taxes)

Montessori Trio

► Montessori 3D puzzles are specially designed to encourage development through grasping and coordination.

► Helps the child exercise fine motor skills, whole-hand grip, and the concept of in and out.

► Promotes hand-eye coordination, sensory development, and spatial reasoning.


Object Permanence Box

► Develops the child’s sense of object permanence.

► Helps children learn that just because objects are out of sight; it doesn’t mean they are gone forever.

► Ideal for kids developing coordination of movement, hand dexterity, fine motor, and concentration skills.


3 in 1 Stacker Set

► First stage: The large center of the red rings helps the child be successful with their limited hand-eye coordination and wrist development.

► Second stage: The smaller center of the green discs helps the toddler develop a better hand-eye coordination by placing the discs one after the other on the dowel.

► Third stage: The concept of putting the blue rings in the correct order, from large to small, helps the child learn size gradation.



► Inspire a talent for music with this colorful Wooden Tone Drum.

► Helps in developing hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and dexterity.

► The cut-out in the wooden top enables the drum to generate different sounds depending on where it is hit.


Sensory Pouches

► Designed to enhance the tactile sense.

► Sort them, match them, toss them, hide them, touch and feel them – play possibilities of these textured bags.

► Helps pique the child’s interest, nurture hand-eye coordination, and provide endless possibilities to unstructured play.


Play Guide

A research-based guide to help match your child’s interests, abilities and key development stages to inspire endless hours of learning and fun.


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