Montessori Play Kit – Level 2 – 2 Months +

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4,499.00 (Incl. of Taxes)


► Introduces primary colors to the baby.

► Serves as both visual and tactile mobile.

► Provides a sense of both visual and tactile stimulation to the child.



► The mobile is composed of four stylized dancers, consisting of three elements: head, arms, and legs.

► The forms represent dancers in different positions and all the elements that make up each dancer are independent.

► Helps the baby continue developing his/her concentration, dynamic visual focus, and depth perception.



► The butterflies delicately dance and fly through the air, emulating the real movement of these lovely insects.

► A swirl of slowly moving colors improves baby’s focus and concentration.

► Develops interest in the world and nature.



► As bright colors become clearer for the baby’s eyesight, they will enjoy the spectacle of this mobile twisting and turning above them.

► The mobile is made from colorful felt pieces that decrease in size and are hung vertically.

► It introduces the child to secondary colors.



► Helps develop more voluntary movements and facilitates hand-to-hand transfer.

► Improves the baby’s hand-eye coordination, concentration, grasping, and exploring skills.

► Encourages babies to move, chasing the rattle as it rolls.



► A complete grasping aid.

► The shape and size are perfect for encouraging hand-to-hand transfer.

► Rolls just slightly, encouraging rolling and scooting.



► The stem of the rattle is the perfect size, making it easy for your baby to grasp.

► The wooden rings in the rattle make a gentle sound when the baby waves it to and fro.

► Helps in improving the baby’s hand-eye coordination, grasping, and exploring skills.


Crochet Linking Rings

► The black and white colored rings attract the child and help the baby understand the grabbing motion.

► Contributes to the development of sensory and fine motor skills.

► It is also a wonderful soft teether.


Play Guide

A research-based guide to help match your child’s interests, abilities and key development stages to inspire endless hours of learning and fun.


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