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Montessori Play Kit – Level 3 – 4 Months +

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4,499.00 (Incl. of Taxes)


 ►A wonderful tactile mobile where the child has a greater control over the mobile as their movements have direct influence on the sound produced by the chimes.

► The mobile gives the perfect reaction to your little one’s every move while stimulating their sense of touch, sight, and hearing.

► The ring is perfect for teething as well.



► The tactile mobile supports the baby’s visual and auditory development.

► Supports the development of hand-eye coordination in young infants.

► Helps the baby learn the cause-and-effect relationship.





► Provides new opportunities for your little one to physically interact with their environment.

The elasticity of the mobile, aids in arm and wrist movement of the baby.

Strengthens the muscles in the eyes, neck, arms, and core.




► A great way to introduce basic colors and high contrast images to  stimulate baby’s eyesight and brain development.

► Promotes language, reading and communication, imagination, memory, sensory, and cognitive skills.

► Helps build focus and attention span.




Designed for tiny hands to reach for, grab, pull, twist, and rattle.

Encourages babies to experience the tactile world around them while engaging their motor skills.

Can also be used as a tactile mobile.




► A classic pear shaped roly poly toy in rainbow colors is a perfect addition to play time!

► Makes tummy time more fun while building core muscle strength for crawling and walking.

► Builds focus and enables both eyes to work together.




► A clutch and grab toy for your little one.

► An interestingly shaped ball that is easy to grab on to and explore.

► It can also be used as a tactile mobile.





► A great aid to baby’s teething needs and sooth those aching gums.

► Perfect for babies to hold in their small hands, smooth to touch, and safe for chewing.

► A safe and environment friendly option for infants as they are naturally antimicrobial.




► A perfect rattle to introduce your child to the world of music!

► The colorful rattle provides tactile, auditory, and visual input.

► Perfectly sized for those little hands.






► The rattle provides a unique grasping experience to the child.

► Encourages more refined and intentional hand movements.

► Makes a gentle sound without over-stimulating the child.




Play Guide

A research-based guide to help match your child’s interests, abilities and key development stages to inspire endless hours of learning and fun.


Care instructions

Care instructions

Wooden toys are beautiful and durable. Toys made of natural materials bring your little one a little closer to the nature by nourishing the child’s senses.

Wood has natural anti-bacterial properties, so keeping them clean is simple and you can even get your kids involved in the process. Here are some tips that can come handy while taking care of the wooden toys –

  1. Wooden toys can be wiped with a dry cloth for daily maintenance and cleaning.
  2. No Soaking. Never put wooden toys in the water; to clean or otherwise. The wood can soak up the water which can gradually lead to cracks.
  3. Instead, a slightly damp cloth or sponge can be used to remove dirt or dust and then the toy should be air dried.
  4. While drying the toys, do not leave them in a direct sunlight. Sunlight can cause the colors to fade and long exposure to the sunlight and air might damage the wood.
  5. Every once in a while, you may want to moisturize wooden toys when it starts to look dry or dull. Coconut oil or olive oil can be applied sparingly with a washcloth. Then let it dry.


  • During its lifetime, a tree is subjected to many natural forces that cause variations in wood grain, color, knots, splits, and stains. These variations are not defects. They enhance the beauty of the wood and add to the characteristic of the handcrafted toys making each toy unique.
  • As with any baby toy or accessory, please use only under adult supervision.
  • Always inspect for damage prior to use.
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2 reviews for Montessori Play Kit – Level 3 – 4 Months +

  1. Cristina Bogdan

    In “The Montessori Baby”, Simone Davies writes that Montessori encourages ‘dumb’ toys for smart children. This is the opposite of the well-known quip ‘smartphones, dumb people’ – it means toys should be simple yet highly sophisticated, in the sense that the baby or child can explore them for a long time and imagine many ways in which to engage with them; they need not have lights, artificial sounds or textures. So far we have given our daughter the toys from this Thasvi kit and 2 other tummy time toys also from them, and she has enjoyed hours of fun and exploration. They are exactly what the author quoted above recommends! Our baby has learned to grab, pull and move an object from one hand to the other with the wooden toys, and I believe she both enjoys and gains in the ability to focus due to the visual stimulation cards. All the Thasvi toys are beautifully crafted, with a lot of care for details, and therefore can be manipulated in many ways by the little ones. There is also no risk of getting hurt. The colours are gorgeous, both the paint on the wooden toys and the hues on the visual stimulation cards. We cannot recommend this kit highly enough, and we look forward to trying all the others as our baby grows!

  2. Cristina Bogdan

    Really great toy for free play! Our 10 months old baby has been exploring it for many weeks now and she is still enjoying it. Also nicely crafted, with beautiful paint. A winner!

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