Combo – Montessori Baby Set – 6

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Stimulates senses of touch, sight, and sound | Improves grasping skills | Sparks curiosity | Essential teething toy | Helps understand cause & effect | Safe to mouth

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900.00 (Incl. of Taxes)

The three-pack combo set comes with a Dumbbell Rattle, a Cylinder Rattle and Baby Grasping Beads. These toys can be introduced to your little ones around three months or four months of age when they are actively trying to grasp things. The Montessori materials help promote fine motor and gross motor skills.

It is the perfect “starter” pack for any parent and makes a wonderful gift.

Recommended age period
How to introduce the activity to my child?

How to introduce the activity to my child?

Cylinder Rattle: The beautifully handcrafted rattle is of the perfect size for those little hands. The rattle makes a pleasant sound when shaken. The Cylinder rattle encourages the development of more voluntary movements and coordination in your little one as he/she tries to transfer it from one hand to the other.

Baby Grasping Beads: The grasping beads encourage the development of more voluntary movements and coordination in your little one as he/she transfers it from one hand to the other. The perfect shape of this simple toy makes the grasping easy for the baby.

Dumbbell Rattle: This is a beautifully handcrafted Montessori inspired wooden rattle, perfect for babies who are learning to grasp and shake an object. The stem of the rattle is a perfect size, making it easy for your baby to grasp. The wooden rings in the rattle make a gentle sound when the baby waves it to and fro.

What will my child learn?

What will my child learn?

The Montessori set is multi-functional and helps in improving the baby’s hand-eye coordination, concentration, grasping and exploring skills.

The toys are designed to promote the development of grasping and to provide tactile experiences; the material contributes to tracking as the child will watch the movement of their hand with the object.

The child transfers the toy from one hand to another, developing the hand-eye coordination.

Its unique design allows the child to grasp the toys from either side and rotate it, improving wrist development and understanding of hand movements.

This is also a perfect teething toy for your little one.

What is included?

What is included?

The three-pack combo set comes with a Dumbbell Rattle, a Cylinder Rattle and Baby Grasping Beads.

What is it made of?

What is it made of?

The dumbbell rattle and grasping beads are made from natural Neem wood, and the cylinder rattle is made from Beechwood. The toys are sealed with organic oil blends making it completely safe for the child.




Breadth Height


Dumbbell Rattle

3 cm

3 cm 13.5 cm

30 g

Cylinder Rattle

2 cm

2 cm 9.5 cm

20 g

Grasping Beads

2.5 cm

2.5 cm 20 cm

16 g

Care instructions

Care instructions

Wooden toys are beautiful and durable. Toys made of natural materials bring your little one a little closer to the nature by nourishing the child’s senses.

Wood has natural anti-bacterial properties, so keeping them clean is simple and you can even get your kids involved in the process. Here are some tips that can come handy while taking care of the wooden toys –

  1. Wooden toys can be wiped with a dry cloth for daily maintenance and cleaning.
  2. No Soaking. Never submerge wooden toys in the water; to clean or otherwise. The wood can soak up the water which can gradually lead to cracks.
  3. Instead, a slightly damp cloth or sponge can be used to remove dirt or dust and then the toy should be air dried.
  4. While drying the toys, do not leave them in a direct sunlight. Sunlight can cause the colors to fade and long exposure to the sunlight and air might damage the wood.
  5. Every once in a while, you may want to moisturize wooden toys when it starts to look dry or dull. Coconut oil or olive oil can be applied sparingly with a washcloth. Then let it dry.


  • During its lifetime, a tree is subjected to many natural forces that cause variations in wood grain, color, knots, splits, and stains. These variations are not defects. They enhance the beauty of the wood and add to the characteristic of the handcrafted toys making each toy unique.
  • As with any baby toy or accessory, please use only under adult supervision.
  • Always inspect for damage prior to use.
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